Just like being back at school

So many will have noticed another lack of blogs recently. Again I am sorry for this but I had got to a point where I had used up all of the space allowed for media on the free plan I had signed up for and was faced with the decision as to whether I bit the bullet and paid for a full blown blog account or binned in and tried something else…

You’ll be pleased to know (or maybe not???) that I have bitten the bullet and upgraded my account so I now have my own domain goose0709.com. This, however, has bought with it a new set of ‘challenges’ in that I now have access to various themes and tools that I can use to customise my site and to be honest it’s ‘doing my fecking head in!!!’

There are literally hundreds of different themes that I could pick to jazz up my page. So having trawled through them I picked one which looks most like how I want my page to look – except there are no instructions on the page as to what all the different buttons and options do 😭😭😭😭

I have looked through and have tried to find the help option where all I have to do is type in what I want to happen but this does not appear to exist. Instead I have been directed to a page where I have to watch YouTube videos that show me what to do.

It is just like being back at school and its properly making my head hurt. Not only is most of it irrelevant (just like school) the tutorials go so quickly I keep having to stop the video, try out what they are suggesting and rewind and watch a number of times until it sinks in (again just like school) I think it must be an age thing, or teaching old dogs new tricks or something along those lines. Still it stops me wasting hours looking on Google Earth for the Millennium Falcon on the back lot of the film studios or The Loch Ness Monster or ship wrecked boats on pacific islands (incidentally I did find the Millennium Falcon. Soooo cool 👍😁👍)

So the site currently looks a little different and there are buttons and options there which don’t do anything at the moment but once I have watched all of the videos and continue to learn about what I am doing it will continue to change and then normal service should be resumed. It really needs to as I have a lot to catch up on…

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