Paying it forwards 


After the fun of the weekend Monday was very anti-climatic so I’m just going to skip it and get to Tuesday because its my blog and I can…

Shaun, by his own admission, has started to go stir crazy being stuck in his room since arriving here so having told him that I do quite like to go for a wonder he said he would be up for doing that. I offered to take him for a walk to show him a little of what I have discovered in the local area before he starts work in the afternoon.

Understandably Shaun hasn’t ventured out up to now as his mobile expired shortly after getting here and there is obviously every possibility of getting lost (not that you would ever catch me doing that 😉😉) and at least whenever i have been out ive had some sort of map on my phone to relate to – sort of. We did, however, have to get one job out of the way before going out as we had been talking about trips so decided the four of us would have a trip to Goa this coming weekend 😁😁😁 I know it may sound extravagent but you have to remember the flight to Goa is less than 1 hour from here.

Anita and I had been looking at hotels since Sunday evening. Colin had also kindly emailed us recommendations for two places in Goa which we had been pursuing since Monday but unfortunately one closes at the end of April and reopens in November (La La Land – Alice in Wonderland themed hotel complex – gutted but not as much as Anita 😲) and the other is full (The Leela) however the management team there had said that because we were a recommendation they could squeeze us in at one of their Club Suites.

The Club Suite: These rooms in exotic contemporary design, we have only 09 such villas. The living area is separated from bedroom with two balconies and they have a partial ocean and golf course view, one marble bathroom, ceiling fans.

Key facts:

  • 120 sqm room with 40 sqm of balcony space
  • The suite is part of an exclusive club with 25m pool lounge
  • Butler services
  • Complimentary Hi Tea and Cocktails between 3pm to 5pm
  • Complimentary laundry service (up to 10 items per day)
  • Complimentary Internet
  • Air-conditioning in all the rooms
  • A plasma TV, Bose wave system and an El-safe
  • Sun deck beds and a set of table and chairs in balcony
  • Sleeps 2 or with one child below 5 years only.

Sounds amazing and so we looked at the website and looks even more amazing than it sounds. Only problem was the price. Even though they had arranged a very special price for us it was just too expensive. We even considered reducing the trip down to two nights instead of the three we were planning but even then it was outside of our price range. Maybe another time…

We did find a hotel not far from The Leela which is also in the area of the original Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant (our current favourite in Hyderabad) A good friend of mine in the UK has recommended we go there because we love the Hyderabad restaurant so much so we provisionally booked on Monday and then checked with Shaun and Eva that they liked the look so that just left the flights to be booked by Shaun and I before we went out.

All booked and paid for, we then set off for a walk. I had intended to take Shaun past the lake near to Oakwood and round to the closest supermarket which although small has a reasonable range of stuff including fresh fruit and veg and that is also where I got my mosquito electrifying bat from (love it!!!!) We were then going to call in to Deli 9 Bistro on the way back for lunch before getting back to Oakwood in time for Shaun starting work. As we walked we chatted about this and that, stopping every now and then when we came across things like this…

The walk over took a little longer than expected and we had left a little later so I thought it best if we just went for lunch.

I recommended the Shawarma wrap to Shaun but did warn him about there being a little bit of spice in them. He got on fine with it until the last bite 🤣🤣🤣 We again chatted about all sorts over lunch. The electric decided it was going to go out half way through and plunged the restaurant into darkness but as everyone here is used to it happening no-one batted an eyelid. It did stay off for the longest I have experienced since I have been here, maybe 5-8 minutes, but it didn’t stop the waiting staff carrying on as normal and neither did it delay our food which was great.

By the time we had got our food and eaten it time was pressing on so I didn’t get a chance to get any bread which I had intended to (it being a deli Tony had recommended the bread here as it is not sweet like most of the other ‘western’ sliced loaves) but as we were not desperate for it so I could always go out again another day and get some.

We made our way back to Oakwood so Shaun could log-on and start work and I just mooched about for a little bit. ‘This is stupid’ I thought. ‘I am supposed to be paying it forward by showing Shaun what I have been shown and what I have been doing and here am I sitting in the room. I’m going out again!’ So I did…

I decided to have a walk back the way we had been that morning but I was going to go to the supermarket and get the few things I needed to make a new dish I had found. As it was later it was a lot busier as people were finishing work but that just makes places even more interesting as you get to see how the people interact with each other and the situations thery come across 😁

Yes they are bare wires sticking out of the ground but its ok because the ends are wrapped in insulating tape so everyone is safe 😲😲😲 The thing is, I saw more than just one set of these cables. I’m hoping they are not live but who knows. The cows were just chilling, I think, trying to find a little bit of shelter. The van they were stood next to had put a bucket of water out (or the cows had just found it and started drinking from it) hence the reason I have been told on numerous occasions DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. So although the carts that squeeze fresh lemons and limes by the side of the road look appealing sometimes you really just don’t know where the water has come from or what’s happened to it.

I walked past Deli 9 and continued round the corner. Here is where a few new developments are being constructed. You can see in a couple of the pictures below the contrast between what is being built and where the people building it are living. I then saw the sign above the garage (cars were in there but not being worked on that  I could see, just the bonnets up) It would appear we brits get everywhere however I couldn’t resist checking the registration number on the MOT tracker when I got back home. It is actually for the car shown in the picture and is even taxed and MOT’d. Not in this country that’s for sure!!!



After getting what I could in the supermarket I was going to go a different way back to see if could find a short cut. I’m glad I didn’t though. I had bought a bottle of coke because I had come out without a drink (😲 doesn’t happen often) Did you know that coke has the ability to froth up and spray everywhere even when the bottle is only half full? I found that out. Nice!!! Hot coke all over my hands in a hot country with any number of different bugs that could potentially tak a liking to the sugariness. That, by the way, is not why I was glad I hadn’t looked for a short cut.

I continued walking and realised I could get the bread I had not been able to get earlier as I was passing Deli 9 again. I went in and was recognised with quizzical faces as they thought I was there to eat again. Maybe tomorrow 😉

As I came out of Deli 9 I saw a lot of cars and bikes swerving and beeping horns. As I continued walking and some of the traffic cleared I saw a number of buffalo walking down the middle of the road and the cars and bikes, horns blaring were swerving around and between them.

(So here is supposed to be the video of the cars and bikes going around the buffalo as they walk down the road not really giving a shit. The video was taken on my camera which I have successfully transferred to my laptop but I cannot add video onto WordPress on my laptop however I can add video through my phone but because I have a fruit based phone I cannot transfer the file to it. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! I know little green person based phone users. Don’t rub it in…)

I know cows are sacred here and have seen many of them in the streets as witnessed earlier but I have never seen buffalo. They are massive (understatement of the year I know!!!) and its no wonder people were going round them. I wouldn’t want to go up against one of them either on a bike or in a car. Further on there were more in the lake and also on the path around the lake eating the vegetation that is obviously watered regularly. This included the flowers 😲 I was able to get some pictures of the buffalo in the lake and went up to the fence to take pictures of the ones eating the flowers. As I approached the one closest to me lifted it head and started walking towards me. Nah!!!!! I’ve got nothing for you…

I made a sharp exit…

The buffalo were one of the reasons I was glad I had not looked for a short cut. The other is below. I couldn’t walk back past it without taking a picture as there was something that didn’t seem right. The colour is obviously one (there actually aren’t many colourful or modified cars here – I must find some) but I stood and looked and then realised what is was. This little Tata actually has a centre exit exhaust 🤣🤣🤣 Why??? Look at the size of it…


I chuckled most of the way back home. Avoided the bunches of bare (sorry insulation taped) wires sticking out of the ground and as I rounded the corner just up from home I noticed the poster below. Interesting!! I wonder how much that is?? Still loads of time for that but the driving permit at home is begging to be used. What could possibly go wrong???


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